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What do you do when you want to shop online or know more about a brand? You head to their website. In today’s age, a consumer can get everything they want to know about a brand from the brand’s website. A website, thus, plays an important role in helping a customer decide if they will engage with your business or not.

Consider the fact that as per research, over 94% of first impressions of a brand are determined by the brand’s website. Therefore, your brand needs to captivate and convert its audience through the User Experience offered by your brand’s website. This is where the magic of web design like that created at our Affordable Web Design Company in London, UK can help your brand.

What is Web Design?

On the surface, web design appears to be simply the designing of a website. However, web design is more than that. From the structure of the website to its coding, web design, like that done at our Bespoke Web Design Company in London, aims to offer a comprehensive, easy and attractive experience to any user of the brand’s website.

Primarily, web design aspires to offer a seamless user experience to users while promoting your brand at the same time. An apt web design will keep your users coming back for more whereas a poorly designed website could cost you sales. Take the fact that research suggests that over 89% of shoppers go for a competitor brand post unsatisfactory website user experience.

How does Web Design benefit my brand?

Your brand’s website is its digital face. Making it better and taking care of it will only help your business prosper in the long run. From enhanced sales to better branding, there are multiple ways in which a website redesign could benefit your brand. These include:

  • Impressing your customers from the get-go
  • Better User Experience
  • Better ROI
  • More clicks
  • Improved branding
  • Helps you stay ahead of the curve in the market

How does Edigital4Seo help brands with its Professional web design services in London, UK?

Think of your brand’s website as your storefront. You want to ensure sales, talk about your products, make sure your customers are happy while shopping. This is exactly what our professional web design company in London, UK, brings to the table when comes to designing a brand’s website. We bring in web design experts who work from top to bottom of your website with your branding as well as your users’ experience in mind.

At Edigital4Seo, we begin every web design and development project we take up by understanding your brand and its users. We conduct comprehensive website audits and study competitors of your brand. Post which, we delve deep into your current website’s User Experience and gain insights into its problem areas. Experts at our Creative Web design Agency address these issues through the power of wireframing and UX (User Experience) design. Based upon these wireframes created by our UX experts, our Visual and Content experts then create a design and populate it with attractive content. After which experienced developers code your website in a way that makes it secure as well as easy to use.

Why shall my brand go with Edigital4Seo?

Your brand’s website can determine or undermine your brand’s presence online. Given it is such a crucial task you would want an agency that has industry-standard processes in place to bring out the best of your brand. We believe we are the best web design company in London, UK, and can take up this challenge. Be your brand a small one of a big corporation, our web design services are not only professional but also affordable in London and the UK. We employ everyone from UX experts to information architects to make sure every website we design paints the best picture of the brand at its heart.

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